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JAC Motors Continues To Grow

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JAC Motors says it has maintained its market growth since its market inception in 2017 and consistently grew sales over this period.

"Establishing and growing the JAC Motors brand in South Africa has been extremely rewarding," says Karl-Heinz Göbel, CEO of JAC Motors South Africa. 

“From local customer acceptance of our product range to the global introduction of the company's new N55EV electric truck, this characterise the makings of a successful automotive brand.

JAC truck

The innovative, newly-launched N55EV is a thoroughly tested electric truck from JAC Motors, fitted with its latest onboard EV technology. 

It is safe, reliable, comfortable, and economical and regarded as the perfect light truck option for logistic businesses.

JAC Motors' commercial range of trucks starts with the X200 single and double-cab derivatives, fitted with 2.8-litre turbocharged diesel engines and load capacities of more than 1 000kg. 

With an entry-level price-point of under R300 000 for the X200 single-cab, the good news for prospective owners is that this product is also available in tipper format, further increasing the versatility of this reliable hard worker.

"Our reliable 1.5-tonne X200 single-cab for small operators such as electricians and our 1.3-tonne double-cab workhorse that can safely transport workers to and from construction sites, are real favourites with entrepreneurs and big fleet owners," says Göbel.

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The N-series range of trucks on offer by JAC Motors locally comprises four different derivatives with loading capacities varying from three to six tonne, with entry-level pricing of under R330 000 for the N56 3-tonne truck. 

The 3-tonne truck series features the company's highly efficient 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine, and the 6-tonne truck is fitted with a durable, proven 3.8-litre Cummins turbo-diesel engine. 

The 6-tonne truck without the load bin is priced under R500 000 (VAT incl.), making it a strong contender in its category.

The JAC Motors' five-year manufacturer's warranty and three-year service plan for the 3-tonne trucks are standard. 

A two-year/unlimited-kilometre manufacturer's warranty is available to owners of the 6-tonne trucks.

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"The reliability of JAC Motors' products is fantastic and serves as a primary motivator in our worldwide sales approach, with many customers and big transport fleets vowing for this incredible attribute," adds Göbel.

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