Vaccine logistics and distribution

Telematics Eases Vaccine Rollout

President Cyril Ramaphosa has described the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine as “the largest and most complex logistical undertaking in SA’s history”.

Acquiring the vaccine is only the start of SA achieving its target of group immunity – the vaccine still needs to be distributed safely.

That means maintaining it at the right temperature throughout the transportation process, and tracking distribution trucks to ensure product integrity and avoid tampering or theft.

“Not only are we transporting small glass vials to every corner of our country, we must also maintain these doses at below freezer temperatures the entire trip," says Justin Manson, Sales Director at Webfleet Solutions.

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“Government must work with fleet management companies to develop a network of real-time tracking systems that measure, record and transmit trip details to ensure vaccines are transported to even the most remote parts of the country as safely and efficiently as possible.”

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Tracking and monitoring systems form a vital part of the vaccine transportation process in SA.

They provide fleet managers with a real-time view of the distribution trucks, including the correct functioning of refrigerated trailers, vehicle maintenance requirements and usage, driving behaviour, and the ability to detect theft in time to take effective action.

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“Solutions like Asset Tracking offer advanced capabilities for better control of the total vaccine transportation value chain for enhanced efficiency and safety, while significantly reducing human error,” adds Manson.