Volvo FH16

Volvo FH16

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The VOLVO FH16 production series truck from leading manufacturer Volvo Trucks. When you need engine power to haul any combination weights.

Whichever model you choose, these vehicles have enough engine power and torque to pull any load.

Product highlights:

I-SHIFT WITH CRAWLER GEARS. Excellent startability and full control at low speeds.

PLENTY OF LIVING SPACE. For a comfortable life on the road with emphasis on driver.

ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL WITH STOP AND GO. For a relaxed drive, even in busy traffic.


VOLVO DYNAMIC STEERING. Stability, control and less strain.

I-SEE. Knows every hill to save fuel.

ROAD SIGN RECOGNITION. Stay within limits.

DOWNHILL CRUISE CONTROL. Primarily uses the auxiliary brakes to keep down speed.

IMPROVED CAB INSULATION. For a comfortable cab climate.

NEW VOLVO IRON MARK. For an iconic look.

38 TONNE BOGIE. Manage high payloads.

EFFICIENT POWERTRAINS. Makes the most of your fuel.

DRIVER SUPPORT SYSTEMS. Safety backup when needed.

ALWAYS CONNECTED. Communicates remotely with the workshop.

EFFICIENT AXLES. Perfect matches for a wide range of applications.

FLEXIBLE CHASSIS. Easy to tailor for specific needs.

FH16 UNIQUE GRILLE. With silver finish and a characteristic pattern.

HEADLAMPS WITH BLACK THEME. Choose between LED or halogen.


XXL CAB AVAILABLE. Excellent living comfort.

EXCELLENT VISIBILITY. Large window areas and a low door line.

LOW SLEEPER CAB. Option with extra cab roof protection.

PASSENGER CORNER CAMERA. Covers areas close to the truck.

REMOTE STEERING. Uses Volvo Dynamic Steering to drive the truck from outside the cab.

MORE LOAD ON THE AXLES. Air suspended axles take up to 10 tonnes.

ADAPTIVE HIGH-BEAM. LED headlamps that adapt the high beam to the traffic environment in real time.

ROBUST ROOF HATCH. For tough use in harsh environments.

TRIM. Unique silver-finished Volvo FH16 grille and headlamps with a black theme. Bumpers, mirrors etc, are all painted in the body colour. Aluminum details on instep.

BASIC TRIM. Black grille and thunder grey bumper, mirrors and other details. Only the cab body is painted.

BASIC WITH STURDY FRONT TRIM. Heavy-duty bumper. Black grille and thunder grey bumper, mirrors and other details. Only the cab body is painted. Headlamps with black theme.

Exterior trim levels. Choose between three different exterior trims and hundreds of colours to suit your taste and your practical needs. To fully explore the different exterior trim levels, use the Volvo Truck Builder on

Interior features

LOW DOOR LINE. Improves visibility.

ADJUSTABLE STEERING WHEEL WITH NECK TILT. Find the perfect driving position and steering wheel preferences.

STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS. Makes it easier to keep the hands on the steering wheel and the eyes on the road.

LUXURY DRIVER SEAT. Always comfortably seated. Superb driver comfort.

STEERING WHEELS. With leather.

FOAM MATTRESS OPTION. To suit your preferences.

THREE USB PORTS. Better connection and charging possibilities.

DIGITAL INSTRUMENT DISPLAY. Fully dynamic and presents information based on the  driving situation.

NINE-INCH SIDE DISPLAY. Control media, cameras and truck functions.

INTEGRATED PARKING COOLER. Always a comfortable climate.

IMPROVED GEAR LEVER. Integrated and with improved ergonomics.

TRACTION CONTROL PANEL. Intuitive control of traction with excellent feedback in instrument display.

Interior trim levels

The Volvo FH16 series comes with a unique interior – available for the Volvo FH16 only. Choose between the textile or leather trim level. On top of this, you can choose from a wide range of colours. 

You’ll find your style. To fully explore the different interior trim levels, use the Volvo Truck Builder on

THE VOLVO FH16 TRIM. Textile and leather upholstery. Coral rubber mats, Coral decor trim and Bright Chrome trim lists.

THE VOLVO FH16 LEATHER TRIM. All-leather upholstery. Coral rubber mats, Coral decor trim and Bright Chrome trim lists.

Cab specifications







INCREASED STEERING ANGLES. Improved manoeuvrability and less tyre wear.

BODY BUILDING MADE EASY. Built right from the factory.

CONNECTED BODY. Efficient use of body capacity.

DUAL BATTERY SYSTEM. Power for in-cab equipment and start ability.

LOAD INDICATOR. Utilisation within limits.

TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING. Lower fuel consumption and less tyre wear with the right pressure.

REAR VIEW CAMERA. For precision and safety.

UP TO EIGHT CAMERAS. Optimised view around the truck for every application.

AGM BATTERY. Improved battery performance.


Some of the equipment shown or mentioned may only be available as options or accessories and may vary from one country to another in accordance with local legislation. Your Volvo dealer will be happy to provide you with more detailed information. 

Volvo 16-litre truck engines with all-new Volvo Engine Management

D16K550 (410 kW) 550 hp of power at 1380–1700 r/min 2800 Nm of torque at 900–1380 r/min

D16K650 (480 kW) 650 hp of power at 1450–1700 r/min 3150 Nm of torque at 950–1450 r/min

D16K750 (550 kW) 750 hp of power at 1600–1700 r/min 3550 Nm of torque at 950–1400 r/min

Maximum fuel efficiency/fuel economy with a choice of fuel, torque increases and no compromise on power.

I Series Gearbox

I-SHIFT transmission. 12-speed splitter and range transmission with automatic gear changing system. The version with crawler gears facilitates easy operation with GCW up to 325 tonnes.

Rigid axle configurations


6×2 (pusher axle)

8×2 (dual front axles)

6×2 (tag axle)

6×2 (tag axle)

8×2 (tridem)


8×4 (dual front axles)

8×4 (tridem pusher axle)

8×4 (pusher axle)

8×4 (tridem tag axle)

10×4 (dual front axles, tag axle)

Volvo FH16 customers get Volvo Service Contracts and Volvo Uptime Care.

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